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Subject Author Comments Date
Technology and a Blind Hiker allan 0
Blind Sprinter Making Waves With His Guide allan 2
Helping to Overcome Air Travel for the Visually Impaired allan 1
NYC Visually Impaired Magician Astounding Viewers allan 8
Running Guide Dog for Independence allan 0
Music Through the Eyes of Retinitis Pigmentosa allan 5
A New Use for Google Glass? allan 0
Getting a feeling for photography allan 0
Overcoming challenges for a Scholarship allan 0
isual Impairment, Stares and Rude Comments allan 0
Assistive Technology Goes High Tech julia.pressel 0
Remember my cooking, not my blindness julia.pressel 0
Sometimes audio descriptions just can’t cut it: introducing ‘finger works’ julia.pressel 0
Life Lessons in Patience, Confidence and Trust julia.pressel 0
A University Student and New Technology julia.pressel 0
New Technology Paves the Way for Independent Living julia.pressel 0
Conquering the Colorado Trail alone and blind julia.pressel 0
Google goes all in for accessibility julia.pressel 0
Difficulties of the job hunt as a visually impaired person julia.pressel 0
A brief education on often wondered about topics julia.pressel 1
Facing Fear and Overcoming julia.pressel 0
Blindness is no barrier to the law julia.pressel 0
Hiking back to life julia.pressel 0
Chess in the park and other great ideas one man has on living with vision loss julia.pressel 0
Blind mechanic uses 20 years experience on the job julia.pressel 0
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