Comprehensive Training

Vision rehabilitation services are always evolving and the focus is to meet the changing needs of our clients. Additional courses are provided if you need more and/or advanced skills that will enhance your ability to live independently.

Of course, along with these additional courses, we are proud to offer a comprehensive program of services and training to help you live independently, including:

Counseling Services: Tailored to your personal needs and goals. We help you develop self-reliance and confidence in your ability to cope with the loss of vision and the associated challenges.

Employment Training Services Program: Designed to assist if you want to enter or reenter the public workforce.

Assistive Technology: The use of technology in creating a safe environment, an independent lifestyle, and increased success.

Vision Rehabilitation Courses: This set of courses provides you with the life-skills needed to live a normal, full and productive life.

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Additional Training Offered by San Diego Center for the Blind

Orientation and Mobility

The art of moving safely and efficiently from place to place with confidence and purpose is taught at home, in the neighborhood and the community. Skills taught are individually tailored based on the goals of the client. The sight impaired person may learn to travel using a white cane, need additional assistance in how to access public transportation or how to become oriented to the workplace or college campus. Orientation and Mobility services are provided by highly trained specialists who offer one-on-one skill training and guidance.

Keyboard Skills

Touch-typing is taught to help students to write notes, keep lists and correspond with family and friends. This class is a prerequisite for the accessible computer training class.


These communications systems provide students with the means to write and read Braille, a system of raised dots to form letters. It is useful for note taking, labeling of a wide range of objects particularly medicines, maintaining address and phone lists, writing letters and reading.

Low Vision Training

This service helps unlock the mystery of vision by explaining the complex structure and function of the eye. With this knowledge, students will have a better understanding of various types of vision loss and will have the opportunity to use a variety of low vision devices that may help enhance visual abilities. Low vision aids and appliances such as magnifiers, monoculars, specialized lighting and other tools are available for demonstration and purchase. This service is provided both as a class and individually by appointment.