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Technology and a Blind Hiker
A single man walks away from the camera in a mountainous area with the sun coming up over the mountains.Trevor lost his sight just as he was entering law school. He thought he needed glasses and instead found out he would become blind. An adrenaline junkie before his vision loss, Trevor wasn’t about to give up everything that he enjoyed.
Without technology, his adventures would be more difficult, but don’t get him wrong, he would still find a way. Trevor is adept at taking current technology and finding ways to use it to help him. So far, nothing has been designed specifically for him, though with his growing number of followers, this may soon change.
Read more about Trevor, his amazing adventures and how his attitude makes it all possible.
To see how we can help with vision loss, visit our First Steps After Vision Loss page.
World’s Only Blind Professional Hiker Trevor Thomas Relies on Satellite Technology to Find His Way

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