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Sometimes audio descriptions just can’t cut it: introducing ‘finger works’
Have you ever tried to describe something abstract to someone who hasn’t seen it? Trying to put into words the sight and feelings evoked by something such as a dance or fireworks lighting up the night sky can feel nearly impossible.

After trying unsuccessfully to narrate a fireworks display, a group of blind and sighted partners will use touch to try to better describe what is happening in the sky in something they are calling “finger works”. The group plans to use the back of the visually impaired person to illustrate the trajectory, size and height of the fireworks which will allow the both parties to fully enjoy the music and sounds of the display.

Read the full article here to get a better picture of how they are approaching this new technique.

For more information on assistive technology, please visit this page.

How can blind people ‘watch’ fireworks? Taking a hands-on approach to describe fireworks to the blind.
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