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The San Diego Center for the Blind  (SDCB) adheres to the Title VI federal regulations that prohibit discrimination by recipients of Federal financial assistance on the basis of race, color and national origin, including the denial of meaningful access for limited English proficient (LEP) persons.  Utilizing data from the 2012 San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) Title VI Plan as well as data collected from Center clients, a number of languages were identified as needing vital documents translated into that particular language.The following languages that would require certain vital documents to be translated and made available to consumers were English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Chinese. These documents are available below online and/or upon request by contacting the Center at 619.583.1542 or

Title VI Plan 2014

Title VI Notice to the Public_English

Title VI Complaint Procedures_English

Title VI Complaint Form_English

Notificación pública de los Derechos de acuerdo con el Título VISan Diego Center for the Blind (SDCB)
Title VI Notice to the Public_Spanish

Procedimientos de presentación de quejas según el Título VI
Title VI Complaint Procedures_Spanish

Formulario de queja del Título VI del SDCB
Title VI Complaint Form_English_Spanish

圣地亚哥盲人中心 (SDCB)
Title VI Notice to the Public_Chinese

Title VI Complaint Procedures_Chinese

SDCB 第六章投诉表格
Title VI Complaint Form_Chinese
Thông Báo cho Công Chúng về Các Quyền Theo Tiêu Mục VI Trung Tâm San Diego dành cho Người Mù (SDCB)
Title VI Notice to the Public_Vietnamese

Quy Trình Khiếu Nại Tiêu Mục VI
Title VI Complaint Procedures_Vietnamese

Mẫu Khiếu Nại Tiêu Mục VI của SDCB
Title VI Complaint Form_Vietnamese

Pagbibigay-alam sa Publiko tungkol sa Mga Karapatan sa Ilalim ng Title VI San Diego Center for the Blind (SDCB)
Title VI Notice to the Public_Tagalog

Mga Pamamaraan ng Pagrereklamo para sa Title VI
Title VI Complaint Procedures_Tagalog

Ang Form sa Pagrereklamo para sa Title VI ng SDCB
Title VI Complaint Form_Tagalog