Expressions of Gratitude

The following is a sample of the many words of gratitude we receive from our clients. Your dollars make all of this possible!

After attending the Center I was better able to adjust to low vision.

I can live more independently.”

I feel more safe and secure.”

Prior to SDCB my quality of life was poor, after attending the program I would rate my quality of life as being excellent.”

We need your support!

Your dollars can make a huge difference in making independence and a fulfilled life possible for San Diego’s blind and vision-impaired community.

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For more information about the benefits of making a charitable donation to San Diego Center for the Blind, please contact the Center at (619) 583-1542.

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How Your Dollars Help

Meeting a Growing Need
  • Increasing numbers: It is estimated that close to 100,000 adults in San Diego County are facing vision loss... and the numbers are growing as baby boomers age.
  • Help when it seems hopeless: For many individuals, the medical profession can no longer enhance their vision. The next step is the San Diego Center for the Blind.
  • Services at no charge:  The San Diego Center for the Blind is the only community based program of its kind in the County that provides vision rehabilitation services at no charges to the clients.

Help Us Help Visually Impaired Individuals

Your dollars help us providing ongoing training to help the visually impaired maintain independent lifestyles. Training includes:

  • Independent Living Skills: Instruction on performing daily skills such as financial management, dressing, preparation of nutritious meals for one or many.
  • Orientation and Mobility: Individuals learn safe and efficient travel techniques.
  • Counseling: Support is provided to individuals suffering from depression and anxiety as a result of adjusting to their vision loss.
  • Education: Conduct seminars and social gatherings to increase public knowledge and awareness about blindness and visual impairment.

Ready to Make a Difference Today?

As our population ages, vision loss will impact many more in the years to come... possibly someone close to you! Please donate to help hundreds of individuals remain independent, safe, and able to function on their own. 

Go here for further information about our vision rehabilitation courses.