How We Serve You and Our Community

Contact SDCB to learn how we provide:

  • Information and educational lectures about vision impairment and rehabilitation to groups and community organizations.
  • Free personal consultations to help vision impaired individuals and their families evaluate products and assistive technology.
  • Complimentary on-site facility assessments and make recommendations on how you can make your facility "vision-impaired friendly".
  • Outreach services facilitating interaction between vision impaired individuals and the community.

For more information call the Center at 619.583.1542, email us at or submit the online referral form for additional information.

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Facility Assessment

Our Showcase Facility

San Diego Center for the Blind is proud of our own award-winning facility that was specifically designed to be "vision-impaired friendly". Some of the features of our facility include:
  • Clean, easy to navigate hallways.
  • Bright colors that help with area identification.
  • Easy to read signs with large fonts and good color contrast.
  • Contrasted edges on floors.
Free Assessment of Your Facility

We are committed to seeing as many businesses and organizations as possible taking a stand to make their facility "vision-impaired friendly".

What kind of facilities do we assess?
  • Educational
  • Social and recreation
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Workplace and offices
  • Other groups and organizations that request assistance in making their programs accessible and accommodating the blind and vision impaired.
Our SDCB staff will provide an on-site assessment and make recommendations to make your facility more “user-friendly” to those who have lost vision. This includes:
  • Recommendations on how to make buildings easier to navigate
  • Recommendations on what technology will make a difference for the vision-impaired
  • Sensitivity training
  • and more!