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Subject Author Comments Date
Top Tips for Working with the Visually Impaired allan 0
Lawsuit filed against AMC claiming violation of ADA allan 0
Teaching visual concepts to children with visual impairments allan 0
Research into vision loss using a common food allan 0
Stay active regardless of visual impairment allan 0
Children’s stories and 3D printing allan 0
Gaming for the visually impaired allan 0
Legally blind, Justice Bernstein upholds the law allan 0
Pixar develops audio description app allan 0
New wearable technology goes live allan 0
Social media study advocates for visually impaired allan 0
An art show for the visually impaired allan 0
Award for professor who is furthering education for the visually impaired allan 0
SDCB featured in San Diego County Optemetric Society Newsletter allan 0
Technology helps new mom see her baby allan 0
Marathon runner doesn’t let visual impairment get him down allan 1
Geared to visually impaired gamers allan 1
Museum offering experiences for blind and visually impaired allan 0
Visually Impaired Commentator Shares His Skills allan 0
The BuzzClip: Protecting the Visually Impaired from Collisions allan 0
Winning gold and never letting the mountain stand in the way allan 0
Visually Impaired Wrestler Takes on Sighted Competitors allan 0
Rural Canada’s Blind Machinist allan 0
Give the Gift of Shared Time allan 0
Art reshaped my life allan 0
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