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Art reshaped my life
All the colors of the rainbow swirl Due to complications from epilepsy and Lyme disease, John Bramblitt lost his sight. Once an aspiring creative writing teacher, John struggled with depression and had to find a new focus.


“Art reshaped my life.”


He found a different form of art. Learning to distinguish the various colors of paint from the feel of the paint, and figuring out how to use raised guides to position himself on the canvas, John has mastered the art of painting.


His work has sold around the world and he now teaches classes and works with museums to ensure that everyone has access to art.


To read more about John Bramblitt and to learn more about his art, visit his website.


Do you have any favorite artists to share? Post links to their works in the comment section.


Sightless Works: The art of John Bramblitt


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