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Subject Author Comments Date
An art show for the visually impaired allan 0
Marathon runner doesn’t let visual impairment get him down allan 1
Museum offering experiences for blind and visually impaired allan 0
Museum incorporating more exhibits for visually impaired julia.pressel 5
Blindness is no barrier to the law julia.pressel 0
New app for free access to books and magazines julia.pressel 6
Encouraging new skills in a blind or visually impaired child allan 0
Roseanne Barr is going blind allan 0
How a deaf and blind lawyer manages her job despite her disabilities allan 0
Parenting Sighted Children as a Blind Person – Podcast allan 0
Online images made accessible to the visually impaired with simple descriptions allan 0
Natural Image Descriptions Now Available From Two Sources allan 0
The Blind Film Critic Explains All allan 0
Losing Sight as a Teen allan 0
“Who I Am” allan 0
Describing visual impairment or defending it? allan 0
3D yearbooks for blind students in Seoul allan 0
Do you know the background of Braille? allan 0
How to Be Blind Podcast allan 0
New Game Available on Apple lucas.kent 0
Low Cost Braille Printer Created by Teen lucas.kent 0
Living the No Barriers Life and Kayaking the Grand Canyon Blind lucas.kent 0
Useful Products for Blind and Visually Impaired Persons lucas.kent 0
Pep in Your Step! lucas.kent 0
Vision Loss and Blindness: Leading the Classroom awadesh.madhogaria 0
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