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Living Independently: Same Lesson, Different Perspective

Sdcb-lesson-learnedHaving a disability, or event, that can be shared by more than one person, doesn’t mean that everyone has the same experience.  Seems to be an oxymoron no? Vision loss or blindness while are the same in parallels, they are very different in how each affects the individuals that are diagnosed with them.  Click here to read more about one man’s story in his interaction with assumptions like you may hold.  

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Lesson Learned
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Vision Loss Technology: College Bound!

Sdcb-vision-loss-technology-college-boundCollege brings a plethora of new things to your plate. New living space, new roommates, new city perhaps, and new classes.  For a lot of those classes technology based aids play a huge role in how you achieve success within them.  It’s especially critical to have the best and most up to date technology for those who are vision impaired or blind.  This article goes over the things that are essential and available to those entering their college career.

Click here to read about more vision loss technology available.

Assistive Technology for College Students
who are Blind or Visually Impaired

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SDCB News: Birth Control Links to Vision

Sdcb-long-term-birth-controlAs women who take responsibility in their reproductive states, birth control pills are ranked high in the go to for protection.  There are numerous warnings that come with taking these pills, and most are willing to take them, when they go in knowing they won’t be on the pill long term. Recently, however, a study has shown that long term use of the pill can have a side effect of vision loss/glaucoma in a woman’s later years.  Read here what that study found.

Research Shows Link Between Vision Loss and Long-Term Birth Control
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Living Independently: Tips and Tools

Sdcb-independent-strategyWhether you’ve been vision impaired or blind all your life or it’s a recent diagnosis, this article goes over strategies to help you be familiar and comfortable with your diagnosis. Click here to read the intro and click within to get all the great information provided. 

Click here to read more about how to live life independently visually impaired or blind.

Independent Living Skills

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LIvinging Independently: All Grown Up

Sdcb-growing-up-blindBeing told your child is blind can be a moment when you are devastated and completely lost as to what to do, or it can become a challenge you take head on to make the very best life for your child.  This article tells about how growing up blind, she was still able to live her life to the fullest.

Click here to read more about how to live life independently.

Growing Up Blind

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Living Independently: Let’s Cook!

sdcb-kitchen-toolsYou’ve switched out many things in your home to accommodate your new lifestyle and to make things easier to navigate. That was tiring and now you’re hungry! Are you ready to whip something up in your kitchen? Are you familiar with where all your things are enough to not have to guess? What about measuring things out? What about all of those things you didn’t think about before as you went about cooking up a nice meal? This article goes over how to accommodate your new sight impairment so that you’re cooking like a superstar in no time!

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Kitchen Tips and Tools: Part 1

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Blindness: Not So Sweet

sdcb-diabetic-retinopathy-diagramVarying degrees of vision loss can be as varied as the people who suffer from it.  One of the more well known causes of vision loss is a side effect/symptom of having diabetes. Do you know exactly what that is? This article goes over all the questions and facts about just what diabetic retinopathy is.  Brush up your knowledge of this area, so that you can be aware of warning signs and possible prevention.

If you have questions or concerns and want to speak with someone, please contact us to discuss your options.

Facts About Diabetic Retinopathy

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Living Independently: The Furry Tool for Low Vision/Blind

Sdcb-choosing-a-guide-dogOne of the most common tools you will notice a person of low vision or blindness will have is the white cane.  You will also often see a guide dog as that tool.  There are many things to consider when you are choosing which tool will best fit for you, and especially when choosing another living thing to help you in your daily life.  This article goes over the factors you need to consider if you believe a furbaby is in your future.

Getting a Guide Dog
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SDCB News: Veteran Status

sdcb-bookshare-for-veteransAs we were reminded of Monday, we always need to stop and take the time to thank those who give of the greatest sacrifices in their own lives-veterans.  Here is a quick article that tells how to gain access to a plethora of online books for free to those who have served and currently serve.

Digital Accessible Books for Disabled Veterans
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SDCB News: Eye Therapy In Your Genes

Sdcb-gene-therapyThere are many advancements being made each day to help those with low vision and the potential to have low vision.  One area that is quickly becoming a priority in helping is that of gene therapy.  It can encompass so many areas of vision loss its not to be overlooked. Click here to read about how fascinating and fabulous this therapy really is.

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What Exactly is Gene Therapy?

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Vision Loss Technology

Vision-loss-technology-five-dollar-bill-appAnother win for the wonderful world of apps that is great for people with vision loss. Because US currency doesn’t have any identifiable marks on them that can be felt, it is basically impossible for blind or people with vision loss to differentiate which bills they are handling.  This new IDEAL app lets them snap a photo of said bill and be told which one it is.  Read here about the features and usage of this great app!

The IDEAL Currency Identifier is an app you can bank on
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sdcb-news-relax-at-checkupGoing to the optometrist isn’t usually met with a lot of resistance, say like, the dentist.  Its not typically a painful experience, even with the “puff test” that they perform.  Some anxiety can arise though, when you’re worried about giving the “wrong” answer.  Fret not, just being honest with your doctor will help him help you see the way you are meant to see.  Read here find out ways to relax during your eye exam.

“What if 1 and 2 look the same?”
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Vision Loss Technology: Here’s New Meaning to the Term Eye Teeth.

Vision-loss-technology-eye-toothWe’ve all heard about replacement parts for our bodies, hearts, lungs, reconstruction for lost cartilage parts, the list could go on.  One thing I bet you haven’t heard of is replacing your eye with a tooth. Yes, you heard that right ladies and gents..a tooth.  Read hereabout just how that works.  This is some downright true awesomeness!

Blind Man Regains Sight After Science Implants A Tooth Into His Eye
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Vision Loss Technology: YouTube app Review and Instructions

Sdcb-video-app-reviewIn the world of apps via our tablets or phones, there’s hardly one we couldn’t find to suit our wants or needs.  For the visually impaired, viewing videos requires some help.  There is a YouTube app, however than makes it easier for them.  This article covers the installation and instructions on getting the best experience for your video viewing. 

Review of YouTube for Android Using a Screen Reader
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SDCB News: Making the Light Brighter

Sdcb-news-esight-computerized-glassesTechnology is an abundantly amazing thing we have available to use these days. It seems impossible to think of something it couldn’t help with.  Who would have thought only a decade ago that we would be able to develop a device that would make the legally blind see? This story tells about a little girl who can now see more than just a blur.  Amazing! 

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Emma-Rose Gibson, legally blind Ottawa girl, sees with high-tech glasses: ‘I went from just seeing nothing to seeing everything in my classroom’
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Staying Safe on Halloween with Blindness or Low Vision

Halloween castleHalloween’s supposed to be scary, not dangerous. That’s why we like BrailleWorks’ list of safety tips for kids with visual impairments. But don’t let the title trick you – these tips are helpful no matter your age or level of sightedness, so all you ghouls and goblins out there should read this and have a safe and hell-thy Halloween! Well, except for the stomachache you'll get from eating too many treats, but we can't help you with that ;) Read: 15 Halloween Safety Tips for Kids who are Blind or Have Low Vision
Image: A drawing of a spooky, ornate castle and its skeletal resident in glowing green on a black background
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Colored Contacts Can Be a Scary Sight

dangers of colored contactsFrightening warning from the FDA: if you’re thinking of using colored contacts to complete your costume this Halloween, think twice! Those fun and scary zombie eyes could mean seriously scary problems for your real eyes, including corneal scratches, infection and even blindness. If you simply have to have an eye-popping eye look, get your contacts from an optometrist or a supplier that requires a prescription – your local party or beauty supply store is not FDA-approved! Read: Why You Should Be Careful When Buying Colored Contact Lenses For Halloween
Image: A young man wears contact lenses with a blue, white and black geometric pattern
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SDCB News: Computer Screen Staring-Fact or Fiction?

Sdcb-computer-screen-eye-damageIts long been noted that staring for long continuous hours at a computer screen can cause damage and stress to your eyes.  Some people disregard this and take it with a grain of salt, while others work on ways to help avoid that damage.  When looking into a computer screen for several hours a day is part of your job requirement, these tips listed in this article about how to help deter that damage can be quite useful.  Because yes, it can indeed be damaging to stare for too long.  

Click here to help yourself or someone else you know that may suffer from vision loss. 

Will Computer Screens Damage My Eyes?
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SDCB News: Pre-emptive Show and Tell

Sdcb-space-pod-simulatorWhen most think of vision loss, they tend to just go straight to having no sight at all, and seeing darkness all the time. The truth is, there are many varying degrees of vision loss and there are even some that only effect on a minimal level.  A new space pod demonstrator of each of these conditions is travelling the country in hopes to get decision makers on board with taking eye health seriously.  Click here to see and read about the unusual pod that’s bringing show and tell to a whole new level. 

Space age pod simulating sight loss lands at health center
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Vision Loss Technology: Auburn University Helping the Cause

Sdcb-au-technology-developingIf it makes you anxious to navigate your way around an unfamiliar place, think about doing that without vision. Fortunately, Auburn University is working towards relieving some of that anxiety for visually impaired persons.  By using resources that we have available like GPS systems, they are able to build on that technology as a personal device that goes a little beyond just your general direction giver. Yet to be determined is what exactly it will be, such as an ankle bracelet, but it’s certainly on the horizon. Click here to read more about this amazing technology being developed. 

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AU developing new technology for visually impaired
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SDCB News: Low Vision Culprits

Sdcb-eye-check-low-visionLow vision is referred to as the inability to see clearly.  Most people have likely suffered with this condition at one point in their life. Whether that be when they were young and diagnosed, then sought treatment to help or if you had it happen as you got some years behind you.  There are a number of factors that could attribute to this low vision condition and they are listed within this article. Read on to find out if have any of these factors and be sure to go see your optometrist if you think you may. 

Click here to read about ways that you could help yourself if you suffer from low vision. 

Different Conditions Comprise Low Vision
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Vision Loss Technology: What’s New to Help You
It’s nearly impossible to keep up with every new release of technology, but one can try! In this article, it breaks down several of the latest new features and/or changes that are available for the low vision or blind community. Anything that can help you find and narrow the field to useful gadgets/features is a plus in our book! 

What’s New in iOS 7 Accessibility for Individuals how are Blind, Deaf-blind, or who have low vision
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SDCB News: Healthcare: Scammers Are Using Every Angle: 8 Ways to Keep Them Away

Sdcb-news-scam-artistsA scam artist will take every opportunity possible to run their job on you. It’s especially difficult for consumers to always catch them when new changes are taking place. It’s one reason you need to stay up to date on how those changes affect you with any possibly new rules. This is prime picking for scammers-when they know you’re vulnerable by way of ignorance-you’re their best target. Click here to check out 8 ways you can keep their arrow off of you and keep yourself safe. 

For more news and event information click here

Beware of the Latest Health Law Cons
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SDCB News: More Proof That Our Furbabies Are Real Family

Sdcb-news-guard-dog-gives-life-to-protectGo on, grab your tissues—I’ll wait…..OK, you ready? Over the years our pets have become more and more a part of the family rather than just extensions of it that usually lived outside. Our furbabies are spoiled rotten from being indoor creatures, to salon grooming, all the way to lines of clothing dedicated just for them.  Typical dogs are special in their own ways, but guide dogs are just a notch beyond that with their advanced training. They’re there to help us but they also protect as a secondary effect from loving its owner. This story shows yet another reason that we love our animals and how willing and able they are to take whatever measure needed to show their love of us.  Make sure you still have that tissue nearby. 

Guide Dog Dies After Incredible Act of Loyalty, Self Sacrifice
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SDCB News: Insurance Changes-What Now?

Sdcb-news-california-healthcare-state-flagWith all the new changes that are in effect or will be soon, do you know how you will be affected? If you live in California, this link can help break it down and answer some questions you may have regarding said changes. Be informed-click here! 

Health Care Reform: Health Insurance and Affordable Care Act
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