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Cooking Tips for the Visually Impaired allan 0
Remember my cooking, not my blindness julia.pressel 0
Volunteering led to a successful career allan 0
Smart phone or no smart phone? Pros and cons of the technology from blind and visually impaired users. allan 0
IT careers for the visually impaired and learning Braille: a podcast to educate and update allan 0
A personal tale of being diagnosed with glaucoma and learning to live with visual impairment allan 0
Blissfully ignorant can cause offense a podcast to help us overcome offensive questions and defensive responses allan 0
Overwhelmed with paying bills because of your vision loss? Here are 7 tips to minimize the stress! allan 0
Work Life Improvements Made for Visually Impaired People with Assistive Technology, but Still a Long Way to Go. allan 0
Easter Eggs for Visually Impaired Children Created by Dedicated Mom allan 0
The first five years finding out your child has visual impairments and moving forward allan 0
A month without internet for a blind person a personal story allan 0
Restaurant Skills for Low Vision allan 0
Gift ideas for the cook in your life allan 0
The Blind Cook visits Steven and Chris for a Cooking Segment lucas.kent 0
The World of Assistive Technology: Accessible and Affordable lucas.kent 0
Living the No Barriers Life and Kayaking the Grand Canyon Blind lucas.kent 0
US Government Investing in Job Market for People With Disabilities lucas.kent 1
Dining Out Tips for the Visually Impaired lucas.kent 0
Communicating with the Visually and Hearing Impaired lucas.kent 0
Take a Trip! lucas.kent 0
Lessons Learned lucas.kent 0
Independent Living: Lets Play! awadesh.madhogaria 0
Living Independently: Lets Cook! awadesh.madhogaria 0
Living Independently: Aging with Blindness/Vision Loss awadesh.madhogaria 0
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