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Blissfully ignorant can cause offense – a podcast to help us overcome offensive questions and defensive responses
Two cups of cappuccino are sat on a table. One cup is held by a womans hands.In this podcast, The Blind Writer shares a moment of time in which he was asked what could be considered an offensive question. His initial response was to get angry and defensive, but he realized, “He’s not in my world and he never was.” He then goes on to educate the person who asked the question without anger or defensiveness.

The episode might help to convince you that some questions aren’t necessarily meant to be offensive, but that ignorance can certainly be educated to open the door to a world where offensive comments are less common.

The 7-minute episode is worth listening to in order to gain a new perspective, or rethink some of the questions that we’ve previously taken to be offensive.

How do you respond to questions about visual impairments? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section.

An offensive divide by all…?

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