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IT careers for the visually impaired and learning Braille: a podcast to educate and update
A microphone is shown close up with a computer in the backgroundThe Assistive Technology Update is a podcast that’s posted weekly and covers topics that are applicable to people living with different types of disabilities.

In the most recent episode, Wade, the host, talks about a gadget that could revolutionize the way people learn Braille. Guest Chris McMillan also talks about IT careers for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Wade’s a fast talker, but the information is great!

To find out more about how assistive technology can help you, visit our Assistive Technology page.

ATU201 – IT Careers for People who are Blind for Visually Impaired (Chris McMillan), Facebook captions, Braille Writing Tutor wins award, Prismatic app from Infiniteach

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