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Personal Stories: Career Path

Were you faced with relearning your job or completely unable to do after you had vision loss? The world is totally different on the whole, but so many don’t consider what it’s like to no longer be able to do your job.  Here’s a great story about moving up and moving on after vision loss.

Blind Technology

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Vision Loss Technology: Getting a Head Start

Despite the very best of intentions, the majority of us are in line last minute for the perfect gift on those gift giving occasions.  That can be especially tricky when you want to get just the right thing for someone who has vision impairment.  There are many items, though, that are not only great gifts, but helpful ones as well.  Click here get some great ideas so you won’t be a last minute shopper this year. 

Gift Ideas for Friends and Family Members who Are Blind or Visually Impaired: AFB Has You Covered

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Living Independently: Daily Tasks Done Easier

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “if I could bottle that up and sell it, I’d be rich!” Well, this new device is very nearly doing just that.  It’s harnessing vision for those who have lost theirs, to help make their lives easier.  Click here to read more about this new innovation from Israel. 

Click here to learn about more gadgets to help you live your life independently with vision loss.

New Israeli Device Helps Blind With Daily Tasks

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Vision Loss Technology: Page Ready!

Unless you struggle with seeing things correctly or at all, you probably don’t think a lot about those who can’t when you’re building your website and factoring in things that could broaden your vision impaired audience.  This article goes over some tips on how to have a win-win situation.  You can
open up a new world to those who couldn’t previously see things and broaden your own audience at the same time, but following these tricks to make your page more accessible to the vision impaired.

Click here to learn more about other vision loss technology products and tips.

Make Your Pages Accessible to the Visually Impaired

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Personal Stories: What You Don’t Know

Everyone has issues they deal with involving judgment from others or discrimination on some level.  There are some of those issues that are probably obvious when given a certain difference, such as blindness/vision loss.  One such problem blind persons deal with are within relationships.  For example, being with a sighted person vs being with another blind person.  That may seem like a no brainer, but did you know that often times the blind person is the one doing the judging as well.  Meaning that they, don’t want to be with another blind person, and rule them out completely as an option.  Here’s an interesting perspective on those sort of things.  It’s a real “eye opener”. 

Click here to read more about personal stories of the blind and vision impaired.

I prefer her to be sighted, but that is between us

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Living Independently: A Helping Hand

Sometimes good intentions can make matters worse than actually making them better. It’s mostly due to lack of knowledge in how to proceed.  There are a number of articles that can help you be aware of how to help a person who has vision loss or is blind, but this one is a quick read that hits many of the points without bogging you down in lots of unnecessary information. 

How to Guide a Blind Person Safely

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SDCB News: Checking the Facts

You may have a general understanding of the differences in vision loss and complete blindness, but there are varying degrees to all of them.  Helping to lay them out in a manner which is easier to understand, this article has done a fantastic job.  Breaking down the common questions and making some of the subtle differences more easily understood. 

Communicating with people who are blind or have vision impairment Factsheet

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Living Independently: Sighted Guiding

In an effort to always be knowledgeable, it’s good that we can keep up with as much information as possible.  Sometimes that information comes in a neat little bow packaged nicely in a video.  These are often times easier to understand than having to read through a long article.  They take the high points and can speak a bit faster than reading.  Here is a great video that can run down the quick tips to for you to help with guiding someone with vision loss.  Seeing just how to do something is much better than reading about it.

Click here for more tips on living independently.

Sighted Guiding

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Living Independently: Helping A Loved One

As a course of matter, we won’t always know the proper things to do or say to someone with vision loss and it’s even more crucial when that someone is a close loved one.  Some things may come as just common sense, but others take a little more thought. In order to help you out, here’s a great starter list to help you help your loved one. 

Click here for more helpful tips on living independently. 

Helping A Loved One

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Personal Stories: Pet Peeves!

There probably isn’t one person out there that doesn’t have at least ONE pet peeve.  Sometimes they fall across the board, sometimes it’s within one little niche in their life ( mine is grammar ).  It only stands to reason that if you’re part of a community that you’ll share many of the same ones.  This is a great article to expose those and commiserate or even laugh together at them.

Pet Peeves of the Blind and Visually Impaired

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Low Vision: Communication is Key

One of the ways that most people subconsciously communicate with others is through gesturing and expression of the face. It helps the other person get a complete feel for the tone/intent of what’s being relayed.  However, when the person you’re talking to can’t see these other cues, it might a bit more difficult to understand the whole message.  So much is translated through the eyes and when yours don’t function as they should, there can be some difficulty.  This article can help you bridge that gap.

In Other Words...When Vision Is an Issue. . . Communicating With Patients Who Are Visually Impaired

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Low Vision Technology: More Apps!

There’s always room for some help, no matter what category you need it in. For persons with low vision or blindness, there are many apps that can help make day to day tasks much easier than they would be otherwise. That’s why it’s always good to have a working list to refer to and see if they work for you! Click here to see if you could use any of these!

iOS Apps Developed Specifically for the Blind or People with Low Vision

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Living Independently: Helping Each Other

When you know someone that has always had vision loss or even recently, it helps them to be and stay independent when you are more aware of the struggles they may face in their day to day life.  There are three key factors that are helpful in understanding points that are big issues for your vision loss friends. Click here to be more in the know.

Challenges That Blind People Face

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Living Independently: DIY

Sometimes the emotional aspects that come with losing your vision may be directly related to carrying on in a normal manner with a new set of rules.  If you’re in the state of feeling sorry for yourself, which can and does happen, then you may want to refer to letting someone else do a lot of things for you.  The problem with this, is that you never learn to do things on your own and can cause you to become very dependent on others.  The last thing an active person wants when faced with vision loss is to have to rely on others to such an extent.  This article explains why it’s important to do things for yourself. 

Click here to read more about living independently

Why Doing Things for Yourself Is Important: Part 1 of 2

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SDCB News: You Need To Know

Most of us are pretty knowledgeable and, for the most part, in tune with our body’s quirks.  A lot of problems we have usually show up in pretty obvious ways, but there are many that show little to no signs at all. When it comes to our eyes, we need to be educated to know what to “watch” for to keep them healthy and head off potential problems in their path.  Click here to read about indicators for good eye health.

Click here to find resources or information on eye health.

Your Eyes After 40:
What’s Normal and What’s Not

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Living Independently: Tricks of the Trade

Is your vision loss or blindness a result of having diabetes? It’s one of the leading causes for this between the ages of 20-74.  There are some obvious things you can do to help you carry on as normal as possible, but there are other things you might not realize could be a huge help in moving forward.  Here is a great article that lists the tips and reasons why and how they help.  Stay ahead of the game!

Click here for more information on living independently

Tools and Techniques for Visual Impairment

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Real Life Stories: Personal Perspective

There are so very many things that the sighted take for granted.  We may think that we can imagine what it would be like to lose our sight, but until we do, there’s no way to truly understand. Being able to read about this challenge from someone living it goes a long way, and offer a little deeper perspective in the daily trials and tribulations of someone who is blind or has significant vision loss.  Click here to gain a little more perspective for yourself.

A Day Through the Eyes of a Blind Woman

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Living Independently: Helping Out

It may seem like there are a certain set of things that a blind person might need help with, and while that may be true that some things are needed more than others, its good to know how to do it correctly. This article goes over a few of the basics and also provides an audio to listen to for help as well.

Click here  to get more information about living independently.

Guiding a person who is blind or has low vision

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Living Independently

As with most problems most anyone encounters, there are typically practical solutions to them. The trick is being able to recognize them and using them effectively. There are going to be greater challenges in some areas, but don’t let the easy ones turn into bigger issues than they have to be.  Take a look here for tips to avoid doing just that.

Click here to learn more about living independently with vision loss.

Tips for Coping with Vision Loss

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Vision Loss Support

Abstract    You wouldn’t be wrong if you thought that there’s a support group for everything under the sun, so it should be no surprise that there’s one for those who have recently lost their vision.  You may be one of those people, and not sure when it’s time to reach out and ask for some help for yourself.  Don’t be shy, ask away.  Here’s a great article that gives you some tips about when, who and where.    

Click here to learn more about living independently with vision loss.

Readers Want to Know: Part 3, How Soon Should I Look for Support Services?

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Real Life Stories: What Learning Can Do

There are many an inspirational story to be found if you take a quick look and search them out. But, every now and again you come across one that just really blows you away and gives you not just inspiration, but true motivation to do more for yourself. This is one such story.  Never underestimate the power within yourself if you want it bad enough.

The Blind Man Who Taught Himself to See

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Vision Loss Technology: There’s an App For That!

We’ve all heard that saying, “there’s an app for that!” right? It seems that every little thing we need to help us hasten our tasks or even just help with them, there’s an app that can do just that.  This is no different when it comes to apps geared specifically to make your life easier when you are blind or have vision loss.  Click here to read up on several of them that you should consider using if you’re in need.

Click here to find out more about vision loss technology.

Apps For Blind and Visually Impaired
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Blind Living Skills: Teachers Become Students

Are you in a place professionally that allows you to help someone who has recently lost partial or all vision but you aren’t sure exactly how? Often times it’s the one with the vision loss or blindness that learns on their own, but here is a great article for those of you that can help them relearn a new way of living.  It provides pointers that you may not think of to help them feel safe, confident and supported going forward with the new diagnosis.

Click here to find other articles and information about living independently to help you build your knowledge base of helping.

Tips for Hospital Staff Members and Caregivers

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Vision Loss Technology: Money talks….

Identifying money can be easy without your vision… that is, if its coinage.  Size and texture play the leading role in that. However, paper all feels like paper.  There are raised places on US currency, but it’s not exactly tangible enough to keep you correct in your handling of that hard earned dollar.  Click here to read about the iBill, a newer piece of technology that makes your money talk!

Click here to read more about vision loss technology to help you

iBill Taking Banknote Identifier

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Living Independently : Blind Sided

No, you aren’t losing your entire eyesight, it’s just in one eye.  Let’s not kid ourselves in thinking it’s going to be easy at all because there are going to be many challenges and skills you will have to adjust to and relearn.  Here is a great resource for tips on how to make this transition a bit more smooth, as you travel down your new road with vision loss.

Click here for more resources for living independently.

Sight Loss In One Eye

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