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Accommodating an Aging Workforce

older man workingThe US work force is getting older, for reasons both positive and negative. In these tough economic times, many people may not have the financial security to retire and must continue working. At the same time, advances in medicine are allowing us to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives, and many people don’t want to give up on work they are passionate about and that keeps them active and engaged.
One of the results of this aging workforce is a big positive for employers: better workers! With age comes a wealth of experience, well-established networks of contacts, a greater repertoire of knowledge and skills, and many other benefits. However, with age may also come some health problems, such as reduced physical abilities or age-related vision loss, which may require accommodation.

If you’re an employer looking to adapt your workplace in order to hire or retain experienced older employees, or if you’re an older worker or job seeker who would like to educate yourself on the range of accommodations that are possible, check out this great info from the Job Accommodation Network. You may be surprised to learn that many are simple and cheap or even free! Read: Accommodation and Compliance Series: Employees who are Aging
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