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2 Great Lists of Fictional Characters With Blindness or Vision Loss
geordi la forge - blind engineer from star trek
If you’re on the hunt for representations of blindness and low vision in media, check out these two great (and long!) lists for visually impaired characters from all walks of life and in all settings from the real world to the world of crime fighting turtles:
  • Fictional Characters Who Are Blind – this list from BrailleWorks focuses on TV, movie, animation and comic book characters. Love the range of portrayals, from silly to serious to just another trait a character happens to have.

  • Awesome Blind Characters – this Goodreads list has 99 books featuring “realistic, positive or just plain awesome portrayals of blind and visually impaired people”. Everything from YA to steamy romance is represented.
Image: Geordi La Forge, the chief engineer of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek who has been blind since birth, wearing his characteristic visor and conversing with Data against a background of machinery
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