SDCB is Excited to Be a Part of This Event


1. We receive NO federal funding for our programs.
2. Blind and visually impaired individuals receive NO help from insurance.

By joining forces with giveBIG campaign, SDCB is getting the word out on how donors in the community can make a difference and create immeasurable impact that changes the lives of blind and low vision adults, helping them to return to independence.

How else can you help?
You can help spread the word! Your voice has the greatest influence with your network of family and friends on social media. Please take a few moments to spread the good news about this event.


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2014 giveBIG marathon event is now Closed!
THANK YOU for giving BIG to San Diego Center for the Blind!!!

This was a ONE DAY ONLY event that allows the people in San Diego to donate to local non-profits: Midnight May 6 2014 to 11:59 p.m. PST. 

How Did it Work?
Fill in the donate form that will appeared on this page on May 6.
To help us earn special incentive pool dollars, you had to donate on May 6!
#3: Remember...only donations of $25 or more qualified for incentive pool dollars.
Thank you!

What is the incentive pool? 
An incentive pool has been created by sponsors. For every dollar you donate, we receive a larger proportion of the incentive pool!
This means on this one-day giveBIG campaign, the power of your donation is amplified!

Who was organizing giveBig?
giveBig is presented by The San Diego Foundation and its media partners, San Diego Magazine and San Diego 6 television.

Refer to SDCB page for other ways you can DONATE outside of giveBIG Campaign