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The Apple Watch Takes Center Stage in the Tech Sphere: Helpful Assistive Technology?
A black and white mock up of the Apple Watch is shown Source: WikipediaReleased just last month, the Apple Watch has taken center stage in the tech sphere. With many of the same capabilities as the iPhone, and the ability to synch to other Apple products, the Apple Watch sold more on one day or pre-orders than all Android Wear watches in 2014.

But the question for us is whether or not the Apple Watch is helpful as assistive technology? It seems that some visually impaired people think it is.

In this blog, Molly, a woman living with Usher Syndrome, discusses how she feels about using the Apple Watch after 5 days and how it is helping her in social situations.

This podcast gives hints and tips on using the watch and getting the settings right to make it helpful to the visually impaired.

Visit our First Steps guide to learn how we can help you adjust to vision loss.

My Apple Watch After 5 Days!
Sounds and Haptics on the Apple Watch – No More Embarrassing Meetings

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