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New test created to test the ability of computers to recognize relationships
2 young children attempt to roll a very large bale of hay in a field on a sunny dayComputers are now able to recognize objects, people and activities, but how well can they understand the relationships between them? Researchers have recently created a visual ‘turing’ test to see how adept computers are in photo recognition.

The article states, “It's one thing to be able to recognize that an image contains two people. But to be able to recognize that the image depicts two people walking together and having a conversation is a much deeper understanding.”

It may be that understanding what computers recognize will help developers to create future programs that make photo description and recognition much more effective to assist people living with visual impairments.

Do you think that computers currently do an effective job of describing photos? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Visual ‘Turing’ Test Developed

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